This page describes a script that doesn't work in its default state in the pywikipedia folder. It probably cannot be used on Wikia without significant alteration. If you know of a fix somewhere, please provide at least a link to that location.
Creator: Pywikibot team
Code location: [1]
What it does: stores some Wiktionary content in Python objects, but is mostly unfinished
Applicability: wiktionary is a script that is included in the pywikipedia folder, but one that works only on the various iterations of Wiktionary. It has zero applicability on Wikia.

The script is described as being in alpha, and largely doesn't work as intended, even on Wiktionary.

Syntax Edit


Parameters Edit


Usage at Wikipedia Edit

None. Could not even be easily adapted to work on Wikipedia.

Usage at Wikia Edit

None. Could not even be easily adapted to work on Wikia.

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