This page describes a bit of regex. It must be used within a script or user-fix.

Removing a pipe at end of line in infobox
Creator: CzechOut
What it does: Removes stray pipes at end of a line in an infobox
Complexity: moderate

Removing a pipe at end of line in infobox is a bit of regex that will help you remove pipes (|) that may be at the end of a line.

Let's say that you had a prolific editor who was working with templates she had created offline. But she added a stray pipe at the end of a line, like so:

|name = Sam Smith |
|age  = 34
|sex  = unspecified

And because she's replicated this error hundreds of times across the site, it'll be a pain to manually remove this single pipe. This little bit of code searches out the precise line ending in a pipe and removes it.

It is typically used with the script.

Code Edit

python -regex -pt:1 
-summary:"INFOBOX CLEANUP: Getting rid of appending pipe in an infobox line" 
'\|( *)\r' '\1' -start:!

Explanation Edit

This regex matches lines that end with a pipe, an optional amount of spaces from 0 to infinity, and a carriage return. It then replaces the match of everything it's found with just the number of spaces it's found.

\| means find a pipe (the slash escapes the pipe, letting the bot know we're looking for a literal pipe)
( *) means find any number of spaces, if they even exist
\r means find a carriage return

Known limitations Edit

This situation can also occur in tables that are set up using wikitext. Depending on how many tables are found on your wiki, this could be a problem.

For this reason it is recommended that you do not run this in automatic mode.

Why bother? Edit

You may well wonder why we should even bother getting rid of the stray pipe. After all, a stray pipe in this situation is essentially harmless — the infobox will still display properly if it encounters an extraneous pipe.

But it can be detrimental to other bot runs ago encounter a pipe in an unexpected location nd probably should be eliminated as a matter of "good grooming".