This page describes a bit of regex. It must be used within a script or user-fix.

Blank a page
Creator: Alan Moore
Code location:
What it does: Blanks a whole page of test
Complexity: Advanced
Known working on: 20130104214515

Blank a page is a bit of regex that will delete the entirety of a page's content.

It is typically used with the script.

Code Edit

python -regex "^(.+)(?:\n|\r\n?)((?:(?:\n|\r\n?).+)+)" "" 

Explanation Edit

This regex will start at each new line (hence the carat), match all the text afterward, continuing through each new line until the entire page has been matched.

Known limitations Edit

It gets rid of everything on a page, so it should be considered the "nuclear bomb" of regex replacements. Though it can be adapted to more subtle use, this is what you bring out only when you absolutely want to blank pages.

It has not been tested on pages that contain lines that begin with a space (generally a mistaken and unexpected editing condition), but it should work even on these lines.