State of the wiki: Christmas 2012

If you're reading this message, congratulations on finding one of the dark corners of the Wikia network. How did you hear about us? No, seriously, how the heck did you find this place? Anyway, we're glad you're here, but be aware that we are just laying down the structure of the wiki. You should be seeing the beginnings of the final form emerging.

We now have a couple of major information hubs that will form the basis of our wiki going forward: the Script Library, the Regex Repository and the Fix Files. These pages are set to automatically "grow" as more content is added, so come back over the next few months and see what's new! We're also beginning to add some category:definitions of common terms, which hopefully will shed a light on the arcane and sometimes confusing language that surrounds pywikipedia usage.

If you'd like to help — and we certainly hope that you will! — please make sure that you're using one of the standard preloads to add your content. Please do not copy the format from an existing page, as the preloads will always have the "current" form of the standard format for each of the various types of page. For this reason, although we welcome Monobook users, we do ask that you at least start articles in the Wikia skin. Thanks :)